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By Neil Robinson.

May 2005:

The Wahoo and GT's are back around Racha!

Due to the much decreased fishing pressure around the waters of Phuket,
we are very pleased to see the return of good sized Wahoo, and GT's once again.

The Sailfish are also present at the moment in large numbers around Koh Rok,
and there has hardly been a better chance of catching one of these dream Big Gamefish.

Jonas describes the fishing at the moment as, "The best fishing in May he has seen in years!"

Koh Samui based UK anglers Simon and Steve capitalised on the low number
of fishing boats in the area, commercial and pleasure, to land a large variety of game fish
on their recent 2 day, 2 night liveaboard trip to the Racha Islands , and Koh Rok.

The first day trolling from Phuket, to and around Racha Noi, brought many Tuna,
three good sized Wahoo, half a dozen Rainbow Runners and a Queenfish!

The next day proved even better when they added to their list a Dorado,
and two impressive Sailfish from Koh Rok.

The next trip brought some explosive popper casting action,
when massive shoals of huge Giant Trevally pushed bait fish up to the surface
in a feeding frenzy between Racha Noi, and Racha Yai islands,
and around GT Rock South of Racha Noi.

The fish were between 20 and 40 Kg!

We also spotted a 200 Kg shark crashing into the baitfish,
along with a huge whale and a Manta Ray!

"Gecko" is almost ready to go back in the water and is looking fantastic.

Jonas is "climbing the walls" at the moment, and can't wait
to get back out to sea again on our own boat.

The water levels are back up in Cheow Lan Lake after the recent rain,
which has triggered the Snakeheads to begin releasing their spawn.

The next few months should prove excellent fishing for these predators
as they aggresively defend their fry.

Fishing at Bungsam Lan has once again lived up to its reputation,
with many of our clients going back to their hotels "completely wasted"
after going head to head many times with the massive Catfish
abundant in this incredible destination.

Tight Lines!

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