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By Neil Robinson.

April 2005:

American angler Gerrit, and his two young sons Luke aged 11,
and Seth aged 6, had a memorable two day one night liveaboard trip
to the Similan Islands over the 6. –7th of April.

Trolling on the first day brought a "truck load" of Tuna, and
they also missed out on a large Wahoo that managed
to shed the hook after a spectacular leap above the waves.

Bottom fishing at night close to the islands
brought a further 16 Barracuda, and a large Snapper.

Trolling the next day, again accounted for many Tuna,
Barracuda and a large female Dorado.

The boys were also lucky enough to spot a small school of Dolphins
close to Kata Beach Phuket.

"Gecko" is out of the water at the moment,
hence the short news report this month.

She's having a new "paint job" inside and out, and will look
like a brand new boat when she's finished.

Also the propellers have been rebalanced due to slight damage.

Another boat will be available for charter during this time.

Danish and Swedish anglers will be pleased to know that very soon
they will be able to read the website in their own languages.

We also hope to add German in the near future.

We are working very hard at the moment making the web pages for the tackle shop.
We will then be proud to offer excellent deals on our own lines of equipment.

The quality of which will rival any other brand anywhere in the world,
and certainly at much lower prices!

So if your looking to buy some new "gear"
it may be better if you wait a while......

Another bit of local fish related news happened this month,
when a scuba diver at the Similan Islands
attempted to feed a huge Moray Eel.

He had taken some sausages diving with him to feed the eel,
only the eel mistakenly took his thumb for one of the sausages!

The massive eel locked its jaws
around the unfortunate divers thumb, and wouldn't let go.

Eventually the fish bit straight through the poor guys thumb
and made good its escape.

The injured diver had to be rushed by speedboat
and then ambulance to hospital in Phuket.

The doctors have given the diver the option of having one of his toes
grafted onto his hand as a makeshift thumb.

Reports that the patient had a very difficult time hitchhiking
back to his hotel are at this time, unconfirmed!

Tight Lines!

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