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By Neil Robinson.

June 2005:

"Gecko" is finally back in the water!

She looks fantastic and we are all raring to go.
The reason things have taken so long, is mainly down to the damp weather we
have experienced in Phuket, which has seriously delayed the repainting process.

She is now fitted with a freshwater maker which means
that she is now safely capable of very long range trips,
without the worry of running out of freshwater.

A lot of new equipment has also been added, including
new Shimano Tiagra A–Series reels and Shimano Tiagra rods.

We have recently added over 60 new photographs to the website,
many of them taken by Martin Falklind in the Andaman Islands.

The website now has over 1000 pages, and the Danish translation
is now also complete.

Due to the circumstances, concerning "Gecko", we have been concentrating
on the freshwater fishing side of things.

Cheow Lan Lake has been proving very popular, with many of our clients
vowing to return, after enjoying the incredible scenery almost as much as the fishing!

Catch rates have been reasonable, with all our clients catching fish.

Simon Coe from Koh Samui caught a nice Hampala Barb with his first cast!

Plenty of Giant Snakeheads have also been landed,
and one or two huge ones lost in snags.

On a recent visit, we saw a 50+ kilo Giant Mekong Catfish
on one of the fish market stalls by the lakeside.

According to the locals, this is a small one,
and the lake record is a staggering 400 kilo!

Bungsam Lan Lake brought about some more "Back Breaking Action"
when Lee "Leeroy" Sargent from Oldham in the UK got to grips
with a "few" of the residents in there...

No stranger to big fish himself, with many large carp under his belt
from waters in the UK, and France, he couldn´t believe the power and stamina
of the 20 or so Giant Mekong Catfish he landed during his 2 days up there.

Averaging around 18 kilos each, "He felt like he had done 1000 one–armed press–ups!"

His back finally giving up, when after a torrid 20 minute battle
with a 21 kilo Mekong, he had to hand the rod over to land the fish!

We have recently test fished a new freshwater venue in Phuket,
with very promising results.

In one day we managed to capture 6 different species, including Pacu,
Striped Snakehead, Striped Catfish, Walking Catfish, Giant Gourami and Tilapia.

We landed 3 Striped Catfish all above 13 kilo each.

We can´t say any more about it at this stage, but we are confident
we will be able to offer this exciting venue in the near future.

Speaking about catfish, a weird sight occurred
just outside the Marlin Bar the other morning...

Jonas and I were amazed to see a 1 kilo Catfish "walking" across the entrance to the bar!

Apparently it had jumped out of the ornamental fish pond belonging to
the Italian restaurant next door, and was making a bid for freedom.

More incredible than this is that on further investigation it turns out
that the same fish was found by the lady next door actually crossing the road
a few days before, in its previous escape attempt from the nearby market.

Tight Lines!

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