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By Neil Robinson.

July 2005:

Racha Yai Island is "teeming" with fish at the moment,
with large numbers of Sailfish, Wahoo and Dorado providing really good sport.
Racha Noi Island is also coming up with the goods, with good all round catch results.

The saltwater fishing this month on the re–launched "Gecko" has been excellent.
Her first trip to Racha with Simon Coe and friends being very rewarding
with 3 Sailfish, Wahoo, and tons of Tuna.

On a later trip to Racha, a splendid King Mackerel also found its way
into the ice box for Simon, along with 60–70 Tuna.

The next trip was also very good when Adrian Till released 2 Sailfish,
and lost one, also from around Racha. This trip also produced
a lot of Tuna, and Adrian was very pleased with the overall trip
and sent us a very nice email that you are welcome to read here ––>

The massive 35% rise in fuel costs in Thailand has unfortunately led us
to have to increase the cost of all future charter bookings by 1000 THB.

All charters booked before 1st August 2005 remain unaffected by this rise.

Father and son Kurt and Andre from Denmark caught a huge number
of Striped and Mekong Catfish on their trip to Bungsam Lan.
Andre managed a staggering 25–30 fish, and his father an impressive 18–20.
Kurt would have landed more, if he hadn´t needed a rest so often,
asking Michael to leave the bait out of the water!

The most amazing aspect of this is that they only fished from 9.00am – 5.00pm!

Three Swedish anglers, Thomas, Hakan and Benny also had a fine days fishing
at Bungsam Lan. Thomas released a splendid 50 kilo Mekong Catfish.

Hakan got off to a slow start, but soon caught up with a very fast catch rate
in the afternoon, easily passing the 200 kilo mark by the end of the day.
Benny had a steady day, with almost non–stop action throughout the day.

Also at Bungsam Lan, Tsunami volunteer Richard Skilton
landed many Striped and Mekong Catfish, with 3 over the 20 kilo mark.

Richard recorded a short video clip while he was there, which shows
Michael casting, setting the float, striking and hooking up a Mekong.
The time from casting to handing the rod to Richard took only 25 seconds!

Texan angler John Phelps wanted some lure fishing action
in a natural environment, so I took him to Cheow Lan Lake
for 3 days and 2 nights.

Within 5 minutes of starting to fish he landed a nice Hampala Barb
on an Abu Toby spoon. In the afternoon and early evening we caught
a good bag of Snakeheads, the best a nice 3 ½ kilo Giant Snakehead.

The next day brought more Snakeheads. John losing an approximate 5 kilo specimen
in thick weed under the boat. His spirits were not dampened too much
when we landed a massive Hampala Barb weighing almost 3 kilo!

The morning of the final day was quite slow, but the fishing in the afternoon was incredible!
In the space of 2 hours we landed approximately 35 Striped and Giant Snakeheads.
We had at least 150 strikes during this period the like of which I have never seen before.

All around the boat the water was "boiling" with Snakeheads,
some times up to 6 fish attacking the lure at the same time!

Lee "Leeroy" Sargent didn´t have quite the same sort of action
on his latest Carp fishing trip to France.

Fishing straight through, 24 hours a day, for 7 days and nights,
he didn´t have so much as 1 run!

Here at Fishing Khao Lak we are very sorry to hear this but
we thought some of our readers might like to read the SMS messages
he sent to me here in Thailand.....

1. How´s it going mate? Into the 4th day in France and still no f*****g fish!
Give me Mekong fishing any day.....

2. Into the 6th day and still no fish to show for it.
Its looking like a blank in France?
No way am I coming back here!

3. I am coming to Thailand for my fishing holidays from now on.
F**k this sitting in a swim for a week and not having one run.
I have had about 10 line bites.....

4. I could do with a cold Beer Chang!
I´m drinking warm French p*ss, and its about 35deg, and about 50 in the bivvy!

Sorry to hear that Lee, but ah well, I TOLD YOU SO!

Maybe you should take a look at what Carl Ly caught in Bungsam Lan,
just to remind you what a carp looks like?

Carl Ly from Canada caught 3 different species of Catfish;
Giant Mekong, Giant and Striped, plus a beautiful Giant Siamese Carp
all on his first day ever at the venue!

On his next 2 days he caught many more Striped and Mekong Catfish,
the largest being around 28 kilo. By the third day Carl was very tired
and choose to fish for Arapaima, mainly to avoid anymore back breaking battles
with Mekong Catfish! I think Carl was quite relieved when we had no strikes
on the Arapaima rod, so I hooked him up a few more Mekong Catfish

Just so he could stay in good shape!

The latest news on the Walking Catfish from the restaurant
next door to Marlin Bar, is that he has escaped again!

Apparently he was last seen (caught by a speed camera)
heading towards Bungsam Lan!

Tight Lines!

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