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Giant Snakehead.
(Channa micropeltes).

Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes).

Other Common Names:
Indonesisk Slangehovedfisk.

Cylindrical body and a depressed head.
Upper body dark with a green to brown cast.
Purple sides with black spots and a silvery white belly.
Can breathe moist air.

Typical Location:
Around snags and weedy areas.
In slow flowing or standing waters of swamps, channels and lakes.

Fishing Methods:
Bait fishing with chicken liver.
Fishing with live frogs or Common Snakehead.
Because Giant Snakehead are extremely territorial, sight fishing with spinners,
minnows or fly is also a common technique.

Fighting Characteristics:
Extremely fast strike followed by a hard pull for the nearest underwater snag.

Fishing Khao Lak's Comment:
Often seen guarding their fry close to the surface, which is an ideal time
to catch them as they will very aggressively protect their young.
Great care must be taken when handling these fish
because of its razor sharp teeth.

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