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(Istiophorus platypterus).

Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus).

Other Common Names:
Indo–Pacific Sailfish.

Upper body dark blue or black, lower sides can be golden and silvery belly.
Sail and body spotted with light and dark blue spots. Verticalblue bands on upper body.
Very high dorsal fin (highest in center), 'V'–shaped tail and very long pelvic fins.
Straight and slender lower jaw, and a long slender bill.

Typical Location:
Reefs where warm current is running close inshore.
In open ocean around bait fish.

Fishing Methods:
Trolling strip bait, often in combination with plastic squid.
Trolling surface lures.
Trolling or drifting live bait mullet, yellowtail scad or mackerel.
Deep trolling baits or lures.

Fighting Characteristics:
A spectacular jumper with very fast surface run (Recorded 113 km/h).

Fishing Khao Lak's Comment:
Southern Thailand is known as 'The Sailfish Capital Of Asia'.
Aboard "Gecko" we can offer you a realistic chance
of catching the fastest fish in the sea.

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