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By Jonas Nyqvist & Neil Robinson.

December 2006:

First of all a big apology for the news being so late!!!

Anglers interested in fishing at Bungsam Lan, please note that the fishing times
have now changed to 9.00am-21.00.
This is a decision made by the management of Bungsam Lan, not us!
We apologize for any misunderstanding.

The fishing in Bungsam Lan was really good for most of the month of December,
with temperatures staying quite high until the back end of the month.

This provided great sport, especially for Robert, Marcus and his girlfriend
Tove from Sweden when they fished from the new big luxury bungalow.
Robert had fished with me at Bungsam Lan the previous month,
and thought he knew what to expect…
Until his first Giant Mekong Catfish of the day smashed his rod in half!
Here is the picture of the fish and the broken rod.

The broken rod was only a temporary rod,
as one of our main rods was in for repair at the time.
It just goes to show you, the power of these amazing fighting fish
will test to the limit, and find the weakness in any part of equipment.
The fishing was unbelievably good, right from the first cast.
It was non stop action all day long,
until we finally called it a day around 7.45pm.

The estimated catch was a mixed bag of Striped and Giant Mekong Catfish,
totaling between 55-60 fish!

The average size of the Striped Catfish was around 11 kilo,
the Giant Mekong Catfish average being 18 kilo.
Here is a pic of the best Striped Catfish of the day, landed by Robert.

Bill Akata from Japan had a short but very productive session at Bungsam Lan.
He landed every fish of the day, except the last fish
I attempted to free the fish, but injured my hand whilst doing so.
Bill later sent this nice email about his day at Bungsam Lan.
This day, most of the fish were Giant Mekong Catfish.
After Bill left, I continued to fish and landed this good sized
Cheow Pyra Catfish that took my live-bait.

We also had some other good results live-baiting this month,
Swedish angler Stefan Lofgren landed 3 nice Cheow Pyra Catfish
in the same session, pictured here, here, and here,.


Stefan was also very pleased with his best Giant Mekong Catfish of the trip
which was this beauty pictured here.
What made this capture extra special was that it was 10 kilos heavier
a fish his best friend Ulf caught with me earlier in the year!

Another Swedish angler, Johan Nelson had two backbreaking days at the venue;
the fishing was so intense we had to take a break for a while
just to get our breath back!

On the 23rd of the month, Axel, a return customer from Sweden
was unfortunate to book his fishing trip at the start of a cold spell
that was to last for the next few weeks.
During this period, the fishing really slowed down all over the lake,
and we really had to work hard to get fish.
The Striped Catfish were feeding a bit, but the Giant Mekong Catfish
were quite hard to come by, compared to normal circumstances.
Even so, a bad day at Bungsam Lan is better than a good day at most other lakes
anywhere in the world!

I and Axel next fished together at Cheow Lan,
were he was very unlucky to lose a good fish.
He hooked the fish, and whilst he was playing it,
I spotted the hooked fish’s partner, and quickly cast out my lure.
The fish aggressively snatched my lure and fortunately I hooked the fish first time.
In the mean time, Axels’ fish somehow bit through the line
and made good its escape.
I landed my fish of around 2 kilos.
We had many strikes on this trip, but the Giant Snakeheads proved frustratingly
difficult to hook-up.
A nice fish we did manage to catch was this beautiful Cobra Snakehead.

A Boxing Day trip to Par Lai Lake proved highly successful
for Marcus from Sweden whom I had recently fished with at Bungsam Lan.
He was also joined by UK angler Paul Rose.
Marcus caught almost every species in the lake, except surprisingly Pacu.
These species included Striped Catfish, two of which were big ones,
over 13 kilos each,
Rohu, Tarpon, Giant Gourami, Tilapia and also a Carp.
Paul on the other hand had good sport with the Pacu;
here is a photo of Paul with a nice specimen.

Saltwater report to follow shortly...

Tight Lines!

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