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A complete round-up of all the fishing opportunities we can offer adventurous anglers visiting Thailand. Rui. Tapra. Freshwater Fishing.
Fishing Khaolak - Thailand. Carp Fishing in Thailand.
(Labeo rohita).

Rohu (Labeo rohita).

Other Common Names:

Upper body with dark scales.
Lower body and belly golden brown.
Dark brown dorsal fin and tail.
Pelvic, pectoral and anal fins with red tint.

Typical Location:
In weedy and slow flowing or standing waters
of lakes, ponds, pools and rivers.

Fishing Methods:
Floating bait such as weed or bread on or near the surface.

Fighting Characteristics:
A strong fish that will put up a good and long fight on light tackle.

Fishing Khao Lak's Comment:
Very similar to the European Chub species, but bigger
and much stronger with large powerfull fins and tail.

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