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(Megalops cyprinoides).

Tarpon (Megalops cyprinoides).

Other Common Names:
Oxeye Tarpon.
Broussonet Tarpon.
Ox–eye Herring.

Complete body covered with large scales.
Upper body blue–grey, silvery sides and brilliant silver belly.
Deeply forked tail and greatly elongated dorsal fin.
A huge mouth with projecting and upturned lower jaw
with bony plates and no teeth. Very large black eyes.

Typical Location:
In estuaries and coastal waters, rivers and mangrove forests.

Fishing Methods:
Flies, spinners, sub–surface lures or shrimps.

Fighting Characteristics:
An extremely good fighter with lots of stamina that will mix
surface jumps with several very fast runs until exhausted.
The ultimate catch on light tackle.

Fishing Khao Lak's Comment:
Probably one of the fastest striking of all fish.
Can also be encountered in freshwater.
A sure favourite amongst fly fishermen,
but beware of your shock leader, (tippet)!

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