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Tag Line

A tag line is a line which is attached to the halyard
near the release clip on the outrigger.

Tag lines are usually of the same material as the outrigger halyard
with a short trace of braided line at the free end. The maximum length
should not be more than the distance between the outrigger tip
and the corner of the transom when hanging free.

A rubber band is twisted around the trolling line
and then attached to the free end of the tag line.

Tag Line

On strike, the rubber band snaps and the trolling line straightens
between the rod tip and the hooked fish.

Because of the greatly changed angle between the boat and the release clip
(now the rubber band), this technique minimizes the drop back, and therefore doesn´t
give the fish much time to spit the hook out before the drag on the reel sets it tight.

Tag Line

For easy retrieval of the tag line after a strike, many boats now use
a metal ring or short tube on the outrigger halyard.
The weight from the ring makes it slide down the halyard
to the side of the boat, then there is no tension on the tag line.

When the trolling line again is attached with the rubber band to the tag line,
the pull from the lure will lift the ring to the tip of the outrigger and spread the lures.

More Techniques

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