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Par Lai Fly Fishing Rig

Below is an illustration of a simple, but sufficient fly fishing rig we use
when fly fishing at Par Lai Lake in Phuket.

This rig may not be the most common rig, but based on our experience
with the water, species and size of the various fish at Par Lai Lake,
this rig has been tested hundreds of times, and never let us down!

At the end of the "Fly Line" we tie a loop using the best suitable knot,
for the chosen "Fly Line".

We then tie a loop at the end of the "Leader", using a Surgeons End Loop.
These two loops are then joined using a Loop to Loop Connection.

At the other end of the "Leader" (approximately 180 cm long),
it is jointed with the "Class Tippet" using a Double Uni knot.

The "Class Tippet" (approximately 60 cm long) we use in Par Lai Lake
is 20 lbs, which is plenty for the species found here.

The "Class Tippet" is then joined with the "Shock Tippet"
with yet another Double Uni knot.

We use an approximately 30 cm long "Shock Tippet" of 30 lbs fluorocarbon mono line.
The 30 lbs breaking strength is needed when targeting the toothy Pacu in Par Lai Lake,
and by making it 30 cm long, changing flies quickly is easily done.

Finally we tie on the chosen fly, using a Uni knot.

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