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Tuna Fillet Rigging

Rigging up a Tuna fillet for Shark fishing can be done in various ways.

The technique shown below is a well–proven method that will increase your hook–up rate
and minimize the risk of losing the Shark when it starts rolling on the leader.

You should use a 6 – 8 meter trace of 400 – 600 lb steel wire
with a high quality (Sampo) swivel crimped on in each end.

Two hooks (Mustad 7699 size 12/0) rigged on similar steel wire
are then crimped on to the one swivel.

The tail of the Tuna is then cut off and the two hooks, used as needles,
are pushed straight through from the tail–cut and out on the back and belly of the Tuna.

Each of the hooks is then pushed through the skin of the Tuna further up the body,
leaving the shank of the hooks along the body and the barb pointing out and backwards.

The bait is tied up with heavy thread where the wire penetrates the skin
and the Tuna is cut in half between the gill slits and the hooks.

Tuna Fillet Rigging

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