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Switch & Bait

The Switch and Bait trolling technique offers the advantage of covering
a larger area while fishing with live bait or fly casting.

The idea is to troll a pattern of hookless teasers at normal lure trolling speed
to attract the targeted fish, which usually is Marlin or Sailfish.

When the target fish appears or strikes a teaser, the angler
should take a pre–rigged live bait from the live bait tank
and feed it back to the fish. At the same time the crew should wind in
the teasers to avoid crossed lines when the fish strikes the bait.

If soft lures or teasers are used in the teaser pattern, the striking fish
tends to stay interested for a longer period, often allowing the angler
to decide the most suitable equipment for the fish.

Several line class world records have been set using this technique with
a wide range of equipment rigged and ready to be fed to the showing fish.

The downside to the technique is that it requires an experienced
and skillful captain and crew, plus a bit of getting used to by the angler.

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