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Bounce Balling

Bounce balling is a highly effective, yet very simple, fishing method
when fishing over sand or mud bottom for various bottom dwellers.

The technique is essentially a slow trolling technique designed to drag a bait
along the bottom, causing a commotion and thereby provoking a strike.

The rig is made with a three–way swivel tied to the main line.
At the bottom of the three–way swivel, a 25–35 cm. monofilament line
with a 1 to 2 pound cannonball sinker is attached.

Note that the sinker should be attached with a line of slightly lower breaking strength
then the main line, so this line will break off if the sinker becomes snagged.

From the center connection of the swivel, a 1,2 – 1,5 meter
monofilament line with a chrome dodger is attached.
Trailing 25–35 cm. behind this dodger, the lure is attached.

Bounce Balling

As you drift or slow troll over an area of sand or mud bottom,
you bounce the sinker on the bottom by lifting and dropping the rod tip.

This way the sinker will create a sound, vibrations and clouds of silt
that attracts bottomfeeding predators. As they get closer,
the reflections of the metal dodger also helps trigger the strike.

As you are fishing with such a heavy sinker, it is very difficult to judge
just how hard to strike, so therefore do not try to set the hook.
Wind in the line until you feel the fish and the hook has set itself.

A heavy rod is required to stay in control of the large sinker,
and braided line is also a huge benifit as the low stretch
and increased sensitivity, makes it easier to feel the sinker
bouncing along the bottom.

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