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Blood Worm

Using the Blood Worm technique when fishing, has surprisingly
nothing to do with using a worm as bait.

It is a technique originally invented for Shark fishing
by American angler Fred Archer.

It is now used in many fishing venues around the world, including Phuket,
with slight changes depending on the behaviour of the target fish in the area.

The technique is similar to fishing with live fish, trolling or drifting,
with only one exception – the cut of tail of the bait fish!

Blood Worm

This might not sound like a drastic change in technique, but
it can mean a big difference in the amount of landed billfish.

On days where the billfish are showing but only as lazy non–feeders,
the trick is to quickly cut off the tail of a baitfish,
avoiding cutting too deep so the fish will start bleeding.

Once in the water, the baitfish will wiggle its now missing tail
in an attempt to swim, and this behaviour
often turns lazy billfish into feeding predators.

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