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November Catch Report 2007.
By Jonas Nyqvist.

A round–up of some of the interesting charters during November 2007.

The Black Marlin season started for real in November on Thonmai seamount
west of Similan Islands. Our first trip for the season to the seamount was
with our old customer Sumanth from India (also known as Freddy Mercury!)
last trip aboard Gecko he caught a very nice 77kg Dogtooth Tuna at the
Andaman Islands. This trip he was equally lucky with the release of the first
Black Marlin of the season, an estimated 80kg Black, caught on an Aussie
Nightmare lure fished from the outrigger. The fish fought for half an hour
and made some spectacular jumps. Freddy and his 2 Indian friends also
caught 18 Wahoo, 5 nice Dorado, many Tuna and Barracuda. You can take a
look at one of the nice Dorado here, a lovely male.


The second trip to the seamount was with Swedish anglers Claes and Peter.
The Wahoo and Dorado fishing was good around the F.A.D.ís with 19
Wahoo and 6 Dorado caught and a couple of Rainbow Runner and 2 Giant
. Peter was fighting a 7kg Wahoo when a big Black Marlin came up
behind it and tried to inhale it 3 times, the last time just 2 meters behind
Gecko; there was not many small Skipjacks or Yellowfin Tuna at the
seamount, so the Marlin probably changed diet to Wahoo!

The third trip of the month was with Spanish angler Daniel Calleja and his 2
fishing friends. The Tuna were now back on the seamount, and we caught
Skipjacks, Yellowfin and Eastern Little Tuna on the Tuna lures. The second
day Daniel hooked up a beautiful 125kg Black Marlin; the fish hit a green
and blue 12 inch lure and went ballistic, jumped for hundreds of meters and
then went deep. It took Daniel almost an hour of hard-core battling to get
the fish into the boat, which you can take a look at here.


We fished altogether four days in November on the seamount, and had
contact with Marlin on three of the days, all around the same area of the

Tight Lines!

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