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By Neil Robinson.

October 2005:

We have been quite busy this month, both fresh, and saltwater.
The pinnacle being a fantastic 220 lb Black Marlin!

Bungsam Lan has been as productive as ever, with all our clients
having excellent results at the venue.

Pete and his friend "Dobbs" from the UK had a great time
with almost non–stop action throughout the day.

Pete and Dobbs were straight into fish as soon as they arrived,
and it was almost impossible to keep two lines in the water at the same time.
The fish were hitting the baits as soon as they hit the water.
Sometimes screaming off with them, even before the rod was put down!

Most of the fish were Giant Mekong Catfish; around 17 fish each,
with only 3 or 4 Stripped Catfish making an appearance.
Dobbs also landed a nice Pacu of 7 ½ kilo.

Japanese angler Daisuke fished the venue for the first time for two days,
wanting to target Giant Mekong Catfish.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the bungalow he was into his first of around 20
of this species, that he would go on to catch during the first day!
He also landed a good number of Stripped Catfish, and a nice Pacu.

In the late afternoon of the first day we switched bait and fishing spot.
This proved a great success when he landed a 65 kilo and
a 55 kilo Giant Mekong Catfish in consecutive casts!

The second day started at a blistering pace with Daisuke landing 9 fish in the first 9 casts!
It was consistent action until late afternoon, when we once again switched bait
and fishing spot. Things slowed down, and we only managed a few more fish,
but I think Daisuke was more than happy, and glad for the rest!

We are now very pleased that we can offer the new destination
mentioned in the June edition of the news.

The destination is Par Lai Lake in Phuket.

The venue is set in beautiful tropical gardens, and offers
the best freshwater fishing in Phuket.

Species you can target here include Pacu, Striped Catfish, Walking Catfish,
Giant– and Striped Snakehead, Giant Gourami and Tilapia.

The venue is also a "hotspot" for fly fishermen, with a good head
of Indo–Pacific Tarpon giving plenty of good sport.
Pacu, Giant Gourami, Snakehead and Tilapia are also fish willing to take the fly.

One of the first customers, who fished Par Lai Lake with us
this month, was Josh from Australia.

In the first four casts he landed 2 nice Pacu, and 2 large Giant Gourami.
He went on to land many more Pacu, and 3 huge Striped Catfish,
the largest weighing 17 kilo!

He also landed a few big Tilapia and a nice Tarpon which put up a spectacular battle,
leaping straight out of the water on more than one occasion.

At this venue we use short, light tackle, so the large fish here
give tremendous sport that you will never forget.

At only 2900 THB per person, this venue gives incredible value,
and a very good opportunity to catch a wide diversity of species,
that include some very large fish, in exotic surroundings.

Even lunch is included!

A four day trip to the Similan Islands produced a wide variety of fish
for Hong Kong Mandarins member Ralf Weiss.

The water was very calm, and the trip out produced several small Tuna,
and also one nice Yellowfin Tuna of around 5 kilo.

During the first two days, several good sized Wahoo and Dorado were taken,
plus varied species of Tuna and several Rainbow Runners.
There were 2 sightings of jumping Sailfish, but only one follow which didn't take.

Anchored over the sea mount in the evening we had a wide variety of fish
taken on Tuna strips, including a big Smalltooth Jobfish, a big Amberjack,
a beautiful Coral Trout and several Red Grouper,
as well as a Leopard Shark of around 15 kilo.

Excitement was also high when around midnight a 1 kilo Tuna
that had been suspended below a balloon at 80 meters was taken violently.
After a short fight only the head and gills of a big Barracouta of around 12 kilo
was retrieved. The Shark teeth marks told the story of what happened to the rest!

We also took a big Wahoo, just as we passed by Patong beach on our way back in!

Jim Hayes hit it big time on his trip to Koh Rok and Racha Noi.

He took Wahoo and a 9 kilo Narrow–barred Spanish Mackerel on the way to Koh Rok.
At Koh Rok the Sailfish action was unexpectedly slow,
but this was possibly due to the half moon.

Hin Daeng produced a good table sized Dogtooth Tuna,
which is quite unusual for this area.

At Racha Noi fishing improved; while drift fishing over GT Rock,
Tuna, Rainbow Runners, and Dorado gave good sport, and while trolling
an "Aussie Nightmare" lure, we hooked up a 220 lb Black Marlin.

The Marlin battled for over an hour, displaying several spectacular jumps,
but then tragedy struck. It got "tail wrapped" during a jump and thereafter decided
to dive deep. Unfortunately the Marlin died and came up tail first and "stiff as a log".

A sad ending to a great battle.

Good news again;

There will be a Phuket big game fishing tournament this year after all!
Amusingly titled UP IT Fishing Competition
(Unofficial Phuket International Tournament).

It will be held on the 17–19th November 2005.
Headquarters for the competition will be Tamarind Bar, at Chalong Bay Phuket.
For further details please contact Walter Drier at: w3er@hotmail.com

The latest on "Topcats Fishing Resort" on Koh Samui,
is that it will be opening in February 2006.

Below is a list of the fish that are already stocked,
and also fish waiting to be stocked:

In stock (Holding Lake):
Giant Mekong Catfish; 8 Fish – 50–55 lbs, Red–Tail Catfish; 1 Fish – 55 lbs,
Red–Tail Catfish; 20 Fish – 17–27 lbs, Red–Tail Leopard Catfish; 20 Fish – 17–27 lbs,
Red–Tail Tiger Catfish; 30 Fish – 17–27 lbs.

In stock:
Giant Siamese Carp; 20 Fish – 20–33 lbs, Giant Mekong Catfish; 50 Fish – 66–88 lbs,
Giant Mekong Catfish; 700 Fish – 26–33 lbs, Freshwater Stingray; 4 Fish – 330–440 lbs,
Arapaima; 2 Fish – 175–265 lbs, Arapaima; 17–27lbs, Niger Catfish; 20 Fish – 17–27 lbs,
Alligator Gar; 30 Fish – 17–22 lbs, Striped Snakehead; 250 Fish – 2–6 lbs.

Fish on order:
Striped Catfish, Giant Mekong Catfish, Giant Siamese Carp and
Jullien´s Golden Price Carp; 1,050 Fish; 22–220 lbs.

Giant Siamese Carp; 100 Fish – 3–5 lbs, Russian Catfish; 30 Fish – 6–8 lbs,
Common Carp; 30 Fish – 3–5 lbs, Jullien´s Golden Price Carp; 30 Fish – 4–7 lbs,
Pacu; 1,000 Fish, Arapaima; 3 Fish, Red–Tail Leopard Catfish; 3 Fish,
Red–Tail Catfish; 5 Fish and Nile Tilapia.

As you can see, there are 17 different species of fish so far
and a lot more to come.

This is for sure going to be a world class destination – and with the high standard
of the accommodation, restaurant, bar and other facilities –
we can hardly wait until February!

Tight Lines!

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