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By Neil Robinson.

August 2005:

Even with windy conditions, Paul Lamb and his wife Tracy managed to release
5 of the Sailfish they had from their 9 strikes on tuna belly strips
at Racha Yai and Racha Noi on the 6th and 7th of August.

Over the two days they caught many Longtail and Skipjack Tuna, plus a Dorado.

The last Sailfish was landed by Tracy just minutes before they had to head back
to Phuket, and made an excellent finish to a nice charter.

Red faces here at Fishing Khao Lak, and a big apology to Lee 'Leeroy' Sargent...

In last months news we reported that after his 7 day/7 night
French fishing trip, he had blanked.

However, we are pleased to report that in actual fact he managed to land 2 carp
on his final night in France. They scaled at 16, and 25 pounds.

(British anglers still use pounds, not kilos to make their fish sound bigger!)

We promise to make it up to Leeroy in December when we take him to Bungsam Lan,
but after his trip to France, we are not too sure if he can handle it!

Calmer seas were in evidence on 26th August at Koh Rok,
where plenty of small Tuna and one good Sailfish were taken.

Another couple of Sailfish strikes didn´t hook up, but
it was generally quieter with only one sighting of a Sail jumping.

A couple of days later, "Gecko" was at Racha Noi and Racha Yai
with Ukrainian Alex and his group aboard, including 4 month old Stella.

With seas almost mirror calm at times, there was plenty of morning action
around the 9:30 AM high tide, with several Skipjack and Longtail Tuna and a good Dorado.

A good sized Wahoo slipped the hook early in the fight and three Sailfish strikes
failed to hook up on the lures before the tuna belly strips were put out.

Two more strikes failed to hook up but otherwise the afternoon was quiet.

There was steady action from the Snakeheads at Cheow Lan Lake over the weekend
when Jonas and Michael took Andy on an exploratory trip.

The water level was over 2 meters above normal,
but plenty of fish up to 4 Kg were taken.

But the most excitement was when Jonas reached into a bush to get
one of Andy´s less impressive casts back, only to find the bush covered
in giant red ants which instantly took a liking to the flavour of his arm.

With his arm and the boat covered in a mass of the little biting beasts,
chaos was in order for ten minutes until sanity and calm were recovered.

Regarding the website, we are happy to let everybody know
that the "Gecko" section in the Photo Gallery has been updated
with a load of new photos of "Gecko" after the total re–fit.

Feel free to have a look here here ––>

Sorry for the short news report this month, but I am currently in the UK,
and we all know how bad the fishing is here...!

Tight Lines!

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