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Fishing Khaolak News 2010


Here is a roundup of the fishing trips and fishing news for 2010.

Hi and thank you to all our clients who have fished with us during 2010. I don’t have as
much time as I would like to write this report, so I will just give you a quick guide to
what has been happening with the fishing in Thailand during the year 2010.

Thailand Freshwater Fishing Report

The fishing in Thailand just keeps getting better and better, the fish are getting bigger,
and new lakes are opening all the time! Come and join us for an unforgettable tropical
fishing experience in the most exciting country in the world!!

The big success story of 2010 has been at Sawai Lake Phuket. The fishing has been
consistently very good all year, and the number of so called “bad days” I could count on
the fingers of one hand! The Amazon Redtail Catfish have been growing rapidly, now
some of the largest ones are about to break the 20 kilo size. The Giant Siamese Carp have
been doing very well also, with some of the bigger ones now bigger than 20 kilos. The
Giant Mekong Catfish are still difficult to catch here compared to other fishing lakes in
Thailand, but we have been catching a few sometimes, with a few being caught over 30
kilos. The Pacu went very quiet compared to normal early in the year, but they came back
with a vengeance later in the year, sometimes being a problem by pushing away the other
species, and biting through lines. The average catch per angler for our clients has been
fantastic, with a typical days catch going something like this: 2 Pacu, 2 Giant Siamese
Carp, 1 Amazon Redtail Catfish, 1 Rohu Indian Carp, 8 + Striped Catfish and usually
another species that may be Thai Retail Catfish, Featherback, Alligator Gar or Walking
. We are now very busy at the lake, most clients are booking 1 day, and then
coming back for more days once they have experienced the quality of the fishing at this
fantastic lake. So it’s a good idea to make sure that you book early to avoid

I have made a new photo gallery page for the fish of 2010 here from Sawai Lake Phuket, so
new potential clients can see what they have been missing! The price remains the same at
the moment, so 1 angler is 2,500 THB, if more than 1 angler its 2,150 THB per angler.
This trip still remains the cheapest pro guided fishing trip in Thailand, and for sure the
best value for money fishing trip in Thailand. All transport to and from your hotel is
included, fishing guide, all fishing equipment and bait. To make a booking email us
at info@fishing-khaolak.com or call me on 0872756074

Another continuing success story is the fishing lake in Krabi Thailand. The lake now has
an unrivaled 44 different fish species, with 5 of these species stocked in the lake to more
than 50 kilos! The land next door to the lake has now been bought, and during low season
the lake is to be extended by a large amount. The lake holds many world record size fish,
and is now the best lake to fish if you want to go for a new world record.
Here is a new photo gallery of some of the fantastic fish we have caught from this the
best of the best fishing lakes in Thailand. (Gallery coming soon!).

We now offer a new fishing lake for anglers interested in lure and fly–fishing in Thailand
based from Bangkok. The lake is just over 1 hour driving time from central Bangkok and
is for lure and fly–anglers only. At the moment this small lake holds lots of species up to
30 kilo size, but many fish around the 4–8 kilo size. Species include Arapaima, Alligator
Gar, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Suribim Catfish, Thai Redtail Catfish, Featherback,
Barramundi, Araowana and a few other species also. I will be making a webpage shortly,
but our early results at this lake have been staggering, so if you are visiting Bangkok and
like lure or fly–fishing, this lake is highly recommended!

I will be building a new section on the website for fly–fishing in Thailand, but until that is
finished, you can email me your questions, just let me know where in Thailand you are
staying and what dates, and I will let you know what is available.

The conditions at Cheow Lan are now the best I have seen for years, the environment has
adapted to the low water levels, and there are many more shallow weedy areas to fish,
creating a perfect natural habitat for the fearsome Giant Snakeheads we target at this most
beautiful of lakes. The fishing at Cheow Lan has been slow this last year or so, but now
seems to be getting back to its best; there are lots of breeding pairs of adult Giant
Snakeheads around protecting their young babies providing lots of strikes.

Any anglers coming fishing in Thailand for the first time should not forget about
Bungsam Lan Lake in Bangkok. Although not as popular now as it once was due to lots
more fishing lakes opening, the fishing at this lake is still as good as it has always been, if
not better.
The lake still provides a very high catch rate of large Giant Mekong Catfish and Striped
Catfish, and is still the number 1 lake in Thailand for the very largest Giant Siamese
Carp. Everyone should fish Bungsam Lan at least one time before they die!

Thailand Saltwater Fishing Report

1st Sailfish registered for 2011 on board 4 Reel..!

Another Sailfish has been boated on board 4 Reel following a charter to the prolific
grounds of Koh Racha Yai today, 5th January 2011.
Charter party of 5 persons headed out this morning in slightly “lumpy” conditions being
pushed in from an annoying ENE wind.
Again the game plan was to catch some live bait to enable either live baiting or belly strip
for later in the afternoon.
Numerous Bonito Tuna were caught and guide, Khun Joe went to work preparing belly
strip baits for the afternoon.
Live bait lines were set in position by 14:00 hrs.’ and numerous Sails were spotted
frolicking along the SW corner of Racha Yai.
Within minutes of arriving in the area, the 15Kg short side stern rig went screaming as a
magnificent Sail took the bait. Fortunately with the use of belly strip baits most of the
captures are in the mouth which makes for a great challenge and in most cases does not
harm the fish. The approx.. 30kg fish was brought to the boat, tagged and photographed
and then returned unharmed.

We look forward to seeing you, so until then,

Tight Lines!

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