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By Neil Robinson.

Click here for the Andaman Catch Report 2008.

Here is a round–up of some of the fishing trips
that we enjoyed during November and December 2008.

November–December 2008:

We are now offering trips to a fantastic new freshwater fishing venue for anglers
visiting Thailand. The venue is Boon Mar Ponds located just over an hours drive
outside Bangkok. Boon Mar Ponds is all about one fish, the Barramundi, one of the
most exciting sport fish of all. This place is all about lots of action using lure or fly–
fishing methods, but anyone who has ever held any kind of fishing rod would love the
sport at these ponds. For more information about this location, click here.

November saw me teaming up again with Dutch angler Peter for another marathon
fishing adventure. We started off at the above mentioned Boon Mar Ponds and had
great sport with fly–fishing techniques and also on lures. Here is a pic of Peter with a
nice 7 kilo Barramundi caught on fly. Here is a pic of me holding a nice 6 kilo lure
caught specimen. Peter enjoyed his fishing at Boon Mar so much, he rearranged some
of his other planned fishing days at other venues to spend more time at Boon Mar.
Each day Peter averaged over 20 fish, most of which were all caught on the fly.

Another venue we tried for a few days was Shadow Lake, but results here were quite
disappointing, we caught some reasonable fish, but nothing really special.

Next it was down to Twin Palm Lagoon were things improved, starting with this very
nice Rohu. Another nice Carp was this Julianís Golden Price Carp, not a massive fish,
but nice to catch because they are so very rare. We also lost a couple of large Carp,
after short fights with the fish slipping the hook. Twin Palm Lagoon is famous for the
predator fishing, and rightly so, this quite small water holds a very good head of
Arapaima, Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar and some massive Giant Snakehead. Here is
a picture of me holding a large Giant Snakehead being stocked in the lake. Peter
landed lots of Amazon Redtail Catfish like this one here, but the best predator of our
trip was this big Alligator Gar.

We took in a few days at Cha Am Lake and Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, having great
sport, no real monsters, but very enjoyable fishing. Here are a few pics from these
venues; Giant Siamese Carp, Julianís Golden Price Carp, Rohu.

After a few more days of great sport back at Boon Mar Ponds, it was down to Sawai
in Phuket. On first day we were joined by two Swedish anglers Tom Nielson
and his friend. Peter thought he was going to add to his amazing total of 25 Arapaima
during his first morning at the lake when he hooked into the biggest fish in the lake on
fly! After a 30 minute fight we discovered the fish was foul hooked in the dorsal fin,
and eventually the hook pulled and the fish was lost. (A few weeks later another one
on my clients, Kevin from Australia went on to land the same fish, and after another
marathon battle we released this fantastic fish pictured here).
Tom had a great day, landing some really nice fish including 2 Giant Siamese Carp;
the largest pictured here, this large Striped Catfish, this Pacu and also this
a rarely caught species plus lots of other Pacu and a Striped Snakehead.
Over the period of time I and Peter fished, Peter landed one of the largest Giant
Siamese Carp
in the lake, pictured here, and also one of the largest Amazon Redtail
, pictured here. Fly–fishing also produced some Pacu and also Striped Catfish.
Lure fishing is also proving productive for Pacu and Striped Snakehead in certain
areas of the lake.

Cheow Lan produced this really big Snakehead for Danish angler Meik on his trip to
the beautiful lake with Swedish angler Boris. The trip also produced some nice
Hampala Barb like this one, and also some smaller Giant Snakeheads.

Bungsam Lan has had one of its best ever Carp hauls during the cool weather period
in November, with English angler John Sargent landing an absolutely amazing 8 Giant
Siamese Carp
in a 48 hour session! All the fish were over 20 kilos, with the largest
going over 50 kilos! Take a look at the pics here, here, here, here, here, here, here and
here. (Still awaiting photographs, hurry up John!).

Our Thai guide has also had amazing success with two Giant Mekong Catfish
breaking the 100 kilo barrier, the largest of which was an estimated 130 kilos which
unfortunately the Swedish client has not yet sent to us yet, so if you are the lucky
angler who caught this monster, please email your pic to us!! You can take a look at
the "smaller" fish here.

Tight Lines!

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