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Fly–Fishing at Phuket Fishing Park, Sawai Lake.
Availabe from Phuket and Khao Lak (Year round fishing).

Non–anglers can to join you at the lake completley free of charge!

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Fly–fishing in Phuket Fishing Park (Sawai Lake) is the lowest priced pro-guided
fly–fishing trip in Thailand.

Fly-fishing at Phuket Fishing Park.

The main target species at the lake on fly is the Red-Bellied Pacu, which are
now averaging 5–7 kilos in size. Other common species present in the lake that
will take the fly are Striped Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Asian Redtail
Catfish, Alligator Gar, Spotted and Clown Featherbacks. Other fish that we
have landed on fly at the lake include Giant Mekong Catfish, and also Giant
Siamese Carp
. However these two species are not commonly caught.

Giant Siamese Carp on fly!

Giant Mekong Catfish caught on fly from Sawai Lake Phuket.

Redtail Catfish on fly from Sawai Lake in Phuket.

Asian Redtail Catfish on fly from Sawai Lake in Phuket.

Featherbacks and Alligator Gar often stay in one spot and will regularly surface
in the same place to breathe. Once located, a well–cast fly can often produce a strike!

Clown Featherback on fly from Phuket Fishing Park.

Red Bellied Pacu are a shoal fish and once located can provide lots of action for
the proficient fly–fisherman. In the wild Pacu often feed on fruit and nuts,
waiting for food items to drop into the water and quickly taking them before
other shoal fish can get them. It is very common for Pacu to take flies as they
slowly drop through the water, usually a very fast take that almost drags the
rod from your hands! For this reason we recommend an intermediate line 7
weight minimum, but ideally 9 or 10 weight.

Pacu on fly at Sawai Lake Phuket.
Redtail Catfish on fly at Sawai Lake Phuket.
Pacu on fly at Phuket Fishing Park.
Striped Catfish on fly at Sawai Lake Phuket.
Pacu on fly at Phuket Fishing Park.
Pacu on fly at Sawai Lake Phuket.
Pacu on fly.
Phuket Fishing Park.

In commercial fisheries they will take almost anything. It is widely thought that
the species is vegetarian however they can be caught on live or dead fish baits,
meat, sausages, bread, fish pellets spinners, soft plastics and most importantly fly.

If the strikes are not coming on the drop, then the most productive technique
is to slowly strip the fly along the bottom, often a figure of eight retrieve works
well. Medium sized streamer flies seem to work the best, although fishing with
double eyed upside down flies reduces the risk of the fly picking up weed on
the bottom. A strong sharp barbless hook is important and due to the Pacu
having very strong, extremely sharp teeth a short wire leader 8cm long with a
small quick change snap link is advised. Another productive method is to fish
small plastic worms. Not all fly–anglers are prepared to use these, but they are
a good backup if required. Pacu will hit flies of all different colours, from very
dull patterns to bright pink or green.

Striped Catfish on fly at Phuket Fishing Park.

Back–casting is quite restricted at the lake but there are a few areas where it is
possible. Roll casting is the only cast possible in some swims, but often the
strikes are coming from only 5 or 6 meters out. The depth ranges from 1 meter
to 3 meters.

For more information about the facilities at the lake, please click here to access
all in the information.


1 angler, 2,900 thb.

2 or more anglers, 2,600 thb each.

Price includes return transfer to your Phuket Hotel.
(Khao Lak transfer is 2,500 thb extra per car).

Fishing time is between 8.30am and 5pm.

What to bring:


Sun protection

Polarized sunglasses

Long sleeved fishing shirt.

Trainers or sandals.

7# - 10# weight fly rod and reel with intermediate line.

Floating line if you want to target Striped Catfish.

Flourocarbon leader around 20lbs breaking strain.

Wire leader traces with quick change clip or knottable wire.

Fly–selection consisting of medium streamers in various dull and bright
colours, large black Wooly Buggers and double eyed weighted flies with an up
turned hook and any others you would like to try. All fishing flies should be tied
using strong hooks capable of landing big fish. All barbs must be removed.

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Non–fishermen are welcome to join you completley free of charge.

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