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Fishing in Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand.

"Carp and Predator Fishing in Thailand,
for many different world record size fish species."

"Big Carp, Catfish, Alligator Gar, Arapaima
and 60 other species!"
(Year round fishing).

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This fantastic little lake was first made famous when it featured in legendary
British angler John Wilson's Dream Fishing series. We first came to hear about it
through our fish supplier for Sawai Lake in Phuket and found to our delight another
quality fishing destination to offer our clients.

Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.

Palm Tree Lagoon holds some massive Giant Siamese Carp, the lake record
currently stands at 54 kilo which is 2 kilos above the IGFA world record, but
there are fish stocked to over 70 kilos!
Apart from our lake in Krabi, we consider this to be the best option in
Thailand for a 30 kilo + Giant Siamese Carp in a one day session.
Palm Tree Lagoon is best known for its predator fishing, but the carp fishing
at this venue is amongst the best in Thailand.

Alligator Gar
Black Shark Minnow
Arapaima from Palm Tree Lagoon.
Massive Pacu at Palm Tree Lagoon.
Juliens Golden Price Carp.
Ripsaw Catfish from Palm Tree Lagoon.
Rohu from Palm Tree Lagoon.
Cutla Cutla / Indian Siamese Carp.
Firewood Catfish.
Piraiba or Lau Lau Catfish.

Palm Tree Lagoon is located approximately half way between Hua Hin and
Bangkok, and is well worth the journey when you discover that you can
often have the lake to yourself, especially in low season (May-October) and
you get your first glimpse of the massive fish surfacing across the lake.

Below is a list of the 32 most popular species in the lake,
and to what weight they are stocked to.

Alligator Gar 30kg+
Amazon Redtail Catfish 51kg+
Arapaima 220kg+
Arawana 4kg+
Barramundi 10kg+
Cutla Carp 32kg+
Cheow Phraya Catfish 96kg
Featherback (4 species) 6kg+
Firewood Catfish 5kg+
Giant Snakehead 10kg+
Goonch Catfish 8kg+
Giant Gourami 8kg+
Hampala Barb 3kg
Java Barb 3kg
Juliens Golden Price Carp 22kg+
Lau Lau or Piraiba Catfish 4kg+
Mekong Catfish (Giant) 130kg+
Pacu 20kg+
Peacock Bass 3 kg
Ripsaw Catfish 7kg+
Rohu 18kg+
Siamese Carp (Giant) 70kg
Stingray 100kg+
Striped Catfish 16kg+
Tambaqui 12kg+
Tarpon 2kg+
Thai Mahseer 5kg+
Thai Redtail Catfish 32kg+
Vundu Catfish 6kg+
Wallagoo Attu 27kg+
Wallagoo Leeri 22kg+
Yellow Cheek Carp 5kg+

The owner of the lake has opted for quality over quantity where fish stocks
are concerned, and the lake holds many world record sized specimens
of several different species of fish.
The biggest Cheow Phraya Catfish in Thailand are stocked here.

A nice Amazon Redtail Catfish from Palm Tree Lagoon.

All fishing trips include:

Transport to and from your hotel and Palm Tree Lagoon.
All fishing equipment and bait.
English speaking fishing guide.
Breakfast at the hotel on multi–day fishing trips.

Not Included:

Meals, soft drinks and alcohol
(these can be purchased very cheaply at the lake).

Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.
Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.
Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.
Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.
10 kilo Pacu from Palm Tree Lagoon.
Giant Siamese Carp at Palm Tree Lagoon.
A large Rohu from Palm Tree Lagoon.
10 kilo Pacu from Palm Tree Lagoon.


As there is such a large diversity of fish species, we offer anglers wishing to fish at
Palm Tree Lagoon several different options to suit their requirements and budgets.

Non–Predator fishing packages using 2 fishing rods:

  1 Angler: 2 Anglers: 3 Anglers:
1 Day: 6,000 THB. 4,750 THB each. 4,300 THB each.
2 Days: 11,200 THB. 9,600 THB each. 9,100 THB each.
3 Days: 15,700 THB. 12,600 THB each. 12,100 THB.

The non–predator or carp fishing rods can also be very effective at catching
some of the predators, particularly most of the catfish species. Worms can be
used and are fantastic bait that can catch almost any species of fish in the
lake. Worms are available at the lake for only 30 thb per box.

Full package Predator and non–predator fishing packages
using 1 predator and 2 non–predator fishing rods:

  1 Angler: 2 Anglers: 3 Anglers:
1 Day: 9,000 THB. 7,750 THB each. 7,300 THB each.
2 Days: 17,200 THB. 15,600 THB each. 15,000 THB each.
3 Days: 21,700 THB. 20,100 THB each. 19,500 THB each.

Anglers taking the full package for 3 or more days recieve
1 extra non–predator fishing rod, including bait, free!!!

Extra non–predatory fishing rods are priced at 600 THB per angler per day.
Extra predatory fishing rods are priced at 3,500 THB per angler per day.
Any combination of extra rods can be used in the above packages.

On our multi–day fishing packages at this destination, 3 star hotel accommodation
is included, including breakfast at the hotel, also the transport to and from the lake.

No deposit is required; just confirm you're booking by telephone with us 2–3 days
prior to your fishing trip.

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Non–fishermen are welcome to join you at the lake free of charge if there is room in the car.
If they require an extra hotel room, this is at the guests own expense.

You can keep up to date with what is being caught at Palm Tree Lagoon
by clicking here, to read the latest catch results.

We are looking forward to seeing you, so until then,

Tight Lines!

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