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Fly–Fishing in Boon Mar Ponds Bangkok.

"Barramundi Fly–Fishing in Bangkok."

"Fast paced Barra action for fly–fishermen!"

(Year round fishing).

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Barramundi fly–fishing at Boon Mar Ponds fishery in Bangkok is a must do all
action fly trip for beginners and experienced fly anglers alike.

Boon Mar Ponds is located not too far from Survanabhumi International
Airport Bangkok so we offer at no extra cost the option of being picked up
from or dropped off there. This gives anglers the opportunity to squeeze a trip
in at the start of or the end of their holiday.

Fly fishing at Boon Mar Ponds Bangkok Thailand.

Nowhere can you experience so much big fish action on fly as you can at this
fishery. This is an ideal training ground for fishermen looking to improve their
fish fighting technique on fly equipment because you WILL get lots of strikes!

Most areas around the ponds are clear behind, so back-casting is no problem.

However the fish are often quite close to the bank, just a few meters out
hunting the bait fish that stay close in, so anglers with limited casting ability
can still get lots of action close to the margins.

A nice Barramundi on fly.

I recommend a floating line on 7–9 weight equipment. If you have an
intermediate line, bring that also if the strikes are coming deeper in the water.
The ponds are a maximum depth of around 2 meters.

A nice Barramundi on Fly.

Fishing with largish streamer flies is the best and most productive method. The
bait fish in the ponds are Tilapia so a fly with olive green, white, yellow and
black colouring with a bit of flash works extremely well. Donít spend too much
time or money making the flies as they donít last very long when the ferocious
Barramundi hit them! Below is a picture of a very good Tilapia Barra fly and
also an actual Tilapia for fly tying reference.

Tilapia bait fish example.
Tilapia fly for Barramundi.

Large Tilapia can also sometimes be caught on fly as a bi–catch when Barra
fishing. Hooks should be strong and around the size 2/0 Ė 4/0 size with the
barbs removed.

Large Tilapia can also be caught on fly at Boon Mar Ponds.

For more Barramundi fish photos please click here.

Barra on Fly
Fly-fishing for Barramundi
Lady Barramundi fly angler.
Large Barramundi

The most exciting fly method to use is with a popper fly. The strikes are rapid
and incredibly explosive pure aggression! Poppers donít have to be fancy
either, Barra are very attracted to movement and hit moving streamers and
poppers on instinct. Be careful of the fly-reel after you hook a Barra as they
always jump like crazy and tail–walk before several very strong high speed runs
which can surprise you and rap you with the reel handle. I recommend wearing
gloves so you can spool the fish with your hand to slow them down!

Barra caught on fly.

Barramundi dont have teeth, but they do have very hard abrasive pads around
their lips. They also have powerful jaws so a strong leader is very important or
they will bite through easily. I recommend at least a 30lbs thick mono or
fluorocarbon tippet.

Each pond has a table and chairs covered with several umbrellas which
provides a nice area for a break in the shade. Boon Mar Ponds are located in
the flat open Thai countryside and there is usually a nice breeze blowing to
make your fishing more comfortable.

What to bring:

Suitable comfortable footwear, sandals or trainers are sufficient.

Long sleeve shirt.


Polorised sunglasses.



Lightweight rain jacket

7–9 weight fly equipment with floating and intermediate lines.

Fly selection consisting of large streamers and some poppers tied on strong hooks.

What’s included:

Round trip transfer from Survanabhumi Airport or your Bangkok hotel to the
fishery, and back again after the fishing.
6 hours unlimited fly–fishing.
Drinking water.
Fishing guide.
Lunch (Delicious Thai food).

Not included:
Fly–fishing equipment or flies, you need to bring your own as described above.

Barramundi from Boon Mar Ponds Bangkok.

No deposit is required; just confirm youíre booking with us by email and re–
confirm again 2–3 days before your fishing trip.

For more information about Barramundi fishing at Boon Mar Ponds, please
click here to read our lure fishing page.


1 angler 6,200 thb.

2 anglers 4,700 thb each.

3 anglers 3,900 thb each.

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Non–fishermen are welcome to join you
at the lake free of charge if there is room in the car.

You can keep up to date with what is being caught at Boon Mar Ponds
by clicking here, to read the latest catch results.

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We are looking forward to seeing you, so until then,

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