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Predator Fishing in Bangkok.
(Year round fishing).

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This is the best value predator fishing trip in Thailand especially for the most
sought after fish, the Arapaima. Arapaima are stocked in large numbers in the lake
to around 150 kilo in size. The average catch rate per day for our clients at this lake
is 4 Arapaima per angler. The record for the most Arapaima caught in one day on
one fishing rod was set by one of our clients in November 2012, with an absolutely
fantastic total of 13 Arapaima in one day!


Arapaima from Bangkok Predator Fishing.

There are many other predator fish in the lake, including Alligator Gar, Amazon
Redtail Catfish
, Thai Redtail Catfish, Giant Freshwater Sting Ray, Cheow Phrya
, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Tiger Redtail Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Cobra
, Barramundi, Tarpon, Mahseer, Pacu, Wallagoo Leeri and Marbled
Catfish. This lake is a very good and cheaper alternative to some of the other
Bangkok fishing lakes that only produce 2-3 species per day, for anglers wishing to
experience the thrill of catching many different exotic fish species in Thailand,
large and small.

Please click on the name of a fish above to view a photo gallery of the species.

Alligator Gar
Tiger Shovelnose / Amazon Redtail Catfish Hybrid
Cheow Phrya Catfish
Wallagoo Leari
Cheow Phrya Catfish
Giant Snakehead

Arapaima from Bangkok Predator Fishing.

There are very few snags in the lake, so our equipment is light enough to enjoy
good sport with some of the smaller species of fish, but still strong enough to
tackle the big fish. It is possible to walk all around the lake with few obstacles in
the way, so you can follow a hooked monster fish if you need to, without having
to get into the water.

Arapaima from Bangkok Predator Fishing.

Arapaima on fly
Amazon Redtail Catfish on fly
Arapaima on fly
Cheow Phrya Catfish on fly

Fly-fishing is very successful at this lake, and can often out fish all other methods.
This is one of the few lakes in Thailand that is perfect for fly fishing. Around almost
the whole lake it is possible to make unrestricted back casts. (At many fishing lakes
in Thailand fly-fishing can be very difficult because of restricted casting options due
to trees, vegetation, fishing huts, fences or electric cables). We offer fly-fishing
lessons for beginners, or anglers wanting to try this most exciting form of fishing at
this lake at no extra cost. I recommend this lake above all other fishing lakes in
Thailand for anglers wishing to target Arapaima and other predator fishes on fly.

Fly-fishing equipment can be supplied if required.
Fly-fishing rods should be a minimum of a 9 weight or higher. Lure fishing is also
allowed at this lake, and can also be very effective.

Number 10 Arapaima of a 13 fish Arapaima catch! .

Above is the number 10 fish of a 13 fish Arapaima catch caught in November 2012.
Also landed by the same angler on the same day using just 1 rod were 5 Alligator Gar,
4 Tiger Catfish, 2 Pacu and 10 Amazon Redtail Catfish!

You can keep up to date with what is being caught at Bangkok Predator Fishing Lake
by clicking here, to read the latest catch results.

All fishing trips include:

Round trip transfer from your Bangkok hotel.
Full assistance of a fishing guide.
All fishing equipment and bait.
Unlimited fishing from 8.00 until 18.00.
Lunch (delicious Thai cuisine) and soft drinks.

Arapaima from Bangkok Predator Fishing.

Prices per day:

1 angler:
6.750 THB incl. fishing guide.
2 anglers:
5.750 THB per angler incl. fishing guide.
3 anglers:
5.500 THB per angler incl. fishing guide.

2 Day trip including 1 night accomodation:

1 angler:
14.000 THB incl. fishing guide.
2 anglers:
11.500 THB per angler incl. fishing guide.
3 anglers:
11.000 THB per angler incl. fishing guide.

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Non–fishermen are welcome to join you
at the lake free of charge.

We are looking forward to seeing you, so until then,

Tight Lines!

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